Baseball Meets Business

A few weeks ago I shared a LinkedIn post about my son being dressed and ready to go at 6:30 am for a baseball game that was not scheduled to start for nine full hours. See post here.

I had so many warm responses that I felt it was only fair to provide an update. We lost. And we lost badly. Let me break this down for you – out of six games, five of which were guaranteed win or lose, only once did we scrape out enough runs to earn us a win, and you guessed it… we lost soon after our only win and headed home early.  

After the final game, dirty and drenched from the Texas sweat, my son and I sat at a picnic table while we waited for the promised funnel cake that he would receive [win or lose] before we headed back to the hotel. 

I asked him, “What are three things you learned from this week?” His responses were good enough to put pen to paper [or fingertips to my iPhone notes pad] and share with you and every other client I coach.

1. I’m good enough to be here. [Confidence]

Well, if that reply didn’t make a mom proud, I’m not sure what would. My initial thought was, “Well, yes you are son!”

Yes. You. Are.

And so are YOU. I may not know your name or who you are, but you are good enough to be “here” or “there” or wherever your goal may be.

You may need improved processes or better habits. Maybe you need to work on your communication to improve your effectiveness, but yes, you are good enough. If you question yourself or your abilities, stop. It’s better to question the challenges you are having, options to improve, and to work on your habits. But there is no need to question yourself. You WILL rise to where your skill meets your passion if you put in the work. 

2. I had FUN! [Passion]

Yes! Such an overlooked quality these days and an attribute that is greatly needed throughout the workforce.  Are you having fun?

During the interview for my first [ever] sales role, I was asked, “It’s not if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. True or False?”

I would be lying if I told you I remembered exactly what I said. I probably stated “both” if I were to know me and my analyzing prowess.  But I will tell you now, almost two decades in… it’s how you play the game. 

If you play the game with focus, precision, skill, energy, growth, effort and yes, fun – you will win. Not every sale, not every quarter, and actually, I hope you even miss a year or two because that’s how you will improve your craft. But if you play the long game [the fun game] you will win where it matters.  

And of course, revenue and sales growth matter. You will win there too, but you will also learn, form, and be molded into excellence in other areas as well. So, my friend, have some fantastic fun today, this year, in your career and your life!

3. Baseball is my sport. [Clarity]

That’s what he chose as his number three. He said it with a small side smile and a shrug of the shoulder. He actually blushed as if he saw a cute little lady walking down the street. I don’t necessarily want him to kick the curb to basketball or track or whatever he has a propensity to excel in, but I have said many times, clarity is MAGIC!

Clarity is like the pot of gold at the end-of-the-rainbow kind of magic. When you know what you want, where you need to be and the actions to get there, you will catch the world on fire and spread the magnetic heat to those around you. 

I’m thrilled he found something he loves. In fact, it’s one of many prayers I have prayed for him [and myself as well].

I hope you have clarity. Clarity on how to drive your number, your goal, your business, your life. I pray your presence is purposeful and your passion is present. If so, your forward movement will lead to results and rewards beyond measure.

Moving Forward

My son tries out for the team again today. I hope he makes it; I believe he is good enough as well, but win or lose, the lesson he will learn from the experience will be life-altering, in a good way – for all of us.

When you know you are good enough [confidence] to have the seat at the table, and while you sit at the table you have fun [passion] and completely understand you are right where you need to be [clarity], you are setting yourself up for greatness.

Confidence, passion, and clarity are life-giving to yourself and those traits will radiate blessings to all you associate with in an incredibly good way. Your energy will multiply, and the reward will be high. If you struggle or need tactical tips around developing your confidence, honing in on your passion, and increasing clarity in your life, a coach can make a world of difference. It did for me personally.

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Keep growing,

Coach Stef

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  1. Misti

    Girl! You ROCk!!! I love your analogies and all that you are writing!!!


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